Journey in the WORD | Resources

On March 24th, 2024, we started a journey through the pages of scripture from Genesis to Revelation. Through a Bible Reading Plan, H.E.A.R journals, small group curriculum, and the Sunday morning sermons, we will come to a better understanding of the Greatest Story Ever Told! As you see the story of God’s love for mankind and his plan of redemption unfold, we pray your love for God and faith in Jesus will be strengthened. We also pray that you would be transformed by the power of his Holy Spirit.


The reading plan consists of about 2 chapters a day for 5 days out of the week. If you miss a few days, it will be easy to catch up. The reading plan will coordinate with our Sunday School curriculum and the sermons on Sunday morning. This Reading Plan will not take you through every chapter of the Bible, but it will provide an overview of the storyline and themes found in the Bible.


This journal method was developed by Pastor Robby Gallaty and promotes reading the Bible with a life-transforming purpose rather than checking off boxes on a daily reading schedule. We want to not only be hearers of the word, but doers of the word. The acronym H.E.A.R. stands for Highlight, Explain, Apply, and Respond. Each of these 4 steps contributes to creating an atmoshpere to hear God speak.


We believe it is important to gather with other Christians to study the word together, pray together, encourage one another, minister to one another, and to experience life together with friends who are following Jesus. If you aren’t already connected with a Sunday morning Bible study group, we encourage you do do so. We have something available for every age group, from babies to children to teens to young adults to senior adults.



Creation…Chaos…Covenenant. Genesis shows us God created a good world filled with order, unity, peace, and rest. However, things quickly took a turn, and we are still experiencing the impact today!

Week 1: Sunday, March 24, 2024

  • “The Greatest Story” Genesis 2:15-25, 3:1-15
  • Main Idea: The story of the Bible is about a God who CREATES and a God who REDEEMS.
  • Act 1: Creation – God creates. God is Powerful, God is Good, God does things with order & purpose, God created mankind with a specific purpose and a special relationship.
  • Act 2: Corruption, Catastrophe, Confusion – Sin corrupts. Satan Twists God’s word, Tempts human weakness, & tries to convince us to Turn from God’s commands.
  • Act 3: Christ, Cross, Consummation – Jesus Redeems. In the wisdom of man, we respond with guilt, self-righteousness, shame, and blame. In the wisdom of God, we trust in God as our rescuer and redeemer. God would provide a new tree of life, the cross of Jesus, and Jesus would crush the curse of sin through his death and resurrection.

Week 2: Sunday, March 31, 2024

  • “Promise Keeper” Genesis 12:1-3; 15:1-15
  • Main Idea: God ultimately fulfills the covenant with Abram through the death and resurrection of Jesus.
  • Promises Made: God calls Abram. The world is filled with wickedness and rebellion against God as people trust in the wisdom of mankind rather than trusting in God. In his mercy and grace, God calls Abram to leave his home and promises him a new homeland, a great nation and great name, and that he will be a blessing to the world.
  • Promises Fulfilled: God’s covenant with Abram. God provides animals skins, the promise of one who would crush the curse of sin, patience toward rebellious people, an ark of protection, and now a covenant. The rest of the book of Genesis focuses on God’s covenant with Abraham. He provides a promised heir through the miraculous birth of Isaac. God continues to show his faithfulness through Isaac’s son, Jacob, and Jacob’s son, Jospeh. Galatians 3:16 shows us that Jesus is the ultimate fulfillment of the promises made to Abram.

Week 3: Sunday, April 7, 2024

  • “Trusting God”  Genesis 22:1-19
  • Main Idea:  Faith is the response God desires from his people. 
  • What does faith look like in our lives? (vv. 1-8) 
    • RECEIVING God’s word as truth  – impacts our mind
      • APP:  Know God’s way is better than man’s way
    • DESIRING to OBEY God, not just pursue his blessings – impacts our heart
      • APP: Trust that God works extraordinary miracles in ordinary people
    • Taking BOLD ACTION in response to God’s word  – impacts our actions
      • APP:  Rely on God to fulfill his promises
  • Why Should we have faith?  (vv. 9-19)
    • God does not LIE
    • God PROVIDES – ultimately will present Jesus as our sacrifice for sin
    • God REWARDS – greatest reward is a relationship with Jesus

God has promised Abraham a great name, a people, a land, and that his people will be a blessing to the world. The “problem” is Abraham doesn’t have an heir for these promises to be fulfilled. Sarah and Abraham took matters into their own hands, had a son, Ishmael, and the world is still dealing with the conflict created by mankind taking matters into their own hands. God does give Abraham and Sarah a son, Isaac, in their old age, and now God is testing Abraham by asking him to sacrifice his promised son. This is certainly a test of Abraham’s faith in God’s promises and in the LORD. Abraham begins to follow through in obedience, God intervenes, and God provides a substitute, ultimately pointing forward to the provision of Jesus as the lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world.  

Week 4: Sunday, April 14, 2024

  • “Family Drama and God’s Plan” Genesis 37
  • Main Idea:  There are no accidents in the economy of God.
  • Jacob’s DELIGHT (vv. 1-4) –  Gen. 37: 3 says,  “Now Israel (Isaac) loved Joseph more than any other of his sons.”  The family drama starts with Isaac favoring Esau over his brother Jacob in Genesis 25:28. It continues with Jacob having 13 children with 4 wives, and he loves his wife, Rachel, the most along with their son, Joseph. (And you wonder why there was family drama!)  Jacob shows his love for Jacob by giving him a special coat that indicates his favored status.
    • APP:  Favoritism will divide a family 
  • Joseph’s DREAMS (vv. 5-10) – God allows Joseph to have a couple of dreams indicating that one day the whole family will bow down to Joseph, and he will rule over them. Joseph’s dreams are not a bad thing or evil. God is revealing how he will work through Joseph to continue to fulfill the Covenant promises made to Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.  However, Joseph seems to be filled with pride and is quick to rub it in the face of his brothers.
    • APP: God continues to speak to us today primarily through his written word, the Bible.  
  • Brother’s DISDAIN (vv. 18-25) – Joseph is the favored son, it appears he might have a bit of entitlement, he’s had these crazy dreams, and now the hatred of his brothers has grown to the extreme of desiring to kill him. Though they intend harm to Joseph, God has different plans. A group of Ishmaelite traders come along, and the brothers sell Jospeh into slavery. They take Joseph’s precious coat, dip it in the blood of a goat, send it to their father, and lead him to believe Joseph has been torn to pieces by a wild animal. We see 20 years later in Genesis 42:21, the brothers still feel guilty about how they treated Joseph.
    • APP:  Jealousy, hatred, and deception will wreck our lives
  • Jacob’s DISTRESS (vv.32-35) – For 20 or more years, Jacob lives in a state of depression because he has lost both his beloved wife, Rachel, and his favorite son, Joseph. While Jacob is mourning, we see from the rest of the story in Genesis that God is at work fulfilling His promises. God moves just as he revealed in the dream and Joseph rises to an important position of leadership in Egypt. 
    • APP:  Nothing can hinder God’s plan. Sin will keep us from experiencing joy & God’s blessing in the moment. God works according to his own ways, not the traditions or expectations of man. 

Week 5: Sunday, April 21, 2028

  • “The Blessings of God” Genesis 39
  • Main Idea: God is faithful to his promises & our faithfulness positions us to experience God’s blessing. 
  • To be blessed – to be in a position of experiencing God’s rule & reign in our lives and in the world.  The Hebrew word also gives the idea of kneeling before God.
  • God’s blessing & faithfulness are the focus in this passage, but we also see Joseph’s response, and it teaches us about a right response to God.
  • Be FAITHFUL where you’re placed (vv. 1-6) – Joseph’s fortunes have changed dramatically as we transition from Joseph being in a pit to Joseph now being an overseer of Potiphar’s house.  This is still not an ideal situation living in a foreign land away from his family, but Joseph is walking with the Lord and God is causing all Joseph is doing to succeed.  When we are faithful, God uses us, and he also equips us to do his work.
    • APP:  Trust God, obey him, & leave the results to him – he hasn’t called us to change the world, he calls us to follow him and let him accomplish what only HE can do. 
  • FLEE from temptations (vv. 6-10) – Joseph makes a moment by moment choice to follow God’s ways in the face of the advances of Potiphar’s wife toward him. He doesn’t listen to her by refusing to even be with her. Joseph is constantly in a position of being surrounded by other people. We also see Joseph has no desire to sin against God by sleeping with his master’s wife.
    • APP:  As followers of Jesus, we need to continue to grow in holiness and walk in righteousness. We don’t do this because we could lose our salvation, but it’s how we experience the blessing of the rule & reign of Christ in our lives. 
  • Be FAULTLESS in adversity (vv. 11-20) – Joseph does the right thing when nobody is looking.  He immediately leaves the situation once Potiphar’s wife grabs his cloak and tries to force him to sleep with her. Sin is like a seductress; It promises a good time but cares nothing about you. We also see doing the right thing doesn’t always lead to a favorable result.  Potiphar’s wife accuses Joseph, and he finds himself in prison.
    • APP:  Live a life above reproach no matter the cost.